All your forging needs – from design to delivery.

PC Forge has extensive experience in producing a wide variety of forged 3-D shapes — from the smallest to those weighing up to 300 lbs. We combine this experience with the ability to work quickly and flexibly to meet your forging needs.

We have a host of certifications — including ISO 9001 (PDF) and Controlled Goods Certification (PDF) — that back-up our capabilities.

Whether it’s one part or thousands, PC Forge can produce standard or custom forgings to meet your needs.

In-house capabilities

Simply put, forging is the application of thermal and mechanical energy to steel bar, billets and ingots to cause the material to change shape while in a solid state. Forging offers uniformity of composition and structure with minimum variation in machinability and mechanical properties. The result is a stronger end product, particularly in terms of impact toughness.

Utilizing Forge 2009 simulation software enables us to adjust the die layout for optimum performance prior to production and ensures complete die filling without any folds. PC Forge also uses this software to research waste reduction in the forging process.

Industries served

  • Energy
  • Mining
  • Truck/Trailer
  • Military
  • Nuclear
  • Agriculture
  • Off-road
  • Forestry
  • Rail

PC Forge adds our own expertise in Closed Die, Upsetting, Machining and Heat Treating to bring you an extensive array of forging services, second to none.